The Story

Discovered by a stroke of fate in the far Japan. More sophisticated and perfected. Brought over the sea to the occident and distributed amongst people: the hand crocheted beanies from myboshi.

myboshi is passion. A passion for unique beanies. Because there is only one Boshi. Felix Rohland and Thomas Jaenisch are the heralds of this truth. They adamantly believe in the good of the Boshi. They never leave home without wearing a Boshi. And they have never been disappointed by it.

What does myboshi actually stand for?

Thomas: Today, myboshi stands for a new generation of needlecraft people. myboshi is an iconic brand for fresh needlecraft ideas that can be practised by anyone. We offer an all-inclusive package for creativeness: with our yarn, hooks, needlecraft books and crocheting guides everyone can be a designer - so by now a kind of continually expanding myboshi universe has come into existence around the topic of DIY. We already have many more new ideas and we are constantly thinking of new things.

Felix: We simply believe in the power of handmade items. Crocheting is not only needlecraft but also a life style. To create something in peaceful tranquillity is a perfect counter balance to our fast-living world. And luckily, the possibilities to be creatively active are unlimited.

How did you make it this far?

Thomas: When we learnt how to crochet from a Spanish colleague during a ski instructor exchange in 2009 , we would never have thought that one day it would lead us this far. We started with a crocheted beanie and were quickly addicted to this new hobby.

Felix: After two Australians wanted to buy the beanies from us, we thought that maybe we could turn our hobby into a business. Under the name myboshi - boshi is Japanese for hat - we started our website where beanies can be individually designed and ordered according to one's preferences and taste.  The demand was enormous and soon we had to hire our "grannies" to help us crochet.

What made you offer your own yarn?

Thomas: After publishing our first crochet book we had the idea to develop our own premium yarn so that everyone could then produce their own myboshi ideas using myboshi yarn.

Felix: High quality and sustainability is the ethos behind our yarn which are very important to us and not least that it comes in many different joyful colours. So far we have developed five different kind of yarns to meet any demand.

What makes the myboshi community stand out?

Thomas: We now even have many fans outside of Germany. One can truly say that myboshi is a worldwide phenomenon that works everywhere and many young people all over the globe are enthusiastic about needlecraft.

Felix: The myboshi fans love crafting things with their own hands, to create something themselves with love and to talk about it with others. This is a universal concept and is understood everywhere.


The beanies from myboshi are absolutely individual. This is why they are called myboshi. Boshi means beanie in Japanese and "my" is understood by most foreign speakers of English. For the non-understanding, here the simplified translation: It means "meiBoshi". We leave the mass production to others. Everyone can create their own beanie with us. A beanie for every head thanks to various, combinable, trendy forms, patterns and colours. With your customized Boshi you signal which characteristic head hides underneath it. In a way a beanie with a brain.